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Annie Kyla Bennett - North Carolina, USA

I paint for the plants, exploring and expressing the unique potency and character of medicinal plants of all kinds. I am currently focused on The Mother Plant series, paintings investigating ways Cannabis can help to rebalance humanity's relationship with the planet and create sustainable technologies for the future.  


Artist Statement:

            “In art we find space for contemplation and growth, and I hope to impart the opportunity for new perspectives to arise. With contemporary influences from Visionary Art and Fantastic Realism, my paintings are symbolic, romantic, surreal. A background in science and childhood spent in the wilds of Alaska infuse my expression with the patterns of Life. Weaving tales and archetypes of cultures past and present with hopes for the future, I chart maps for reconnection with Nature and Compassion: maps to a sustainable way forward.”



            A resident of Asheville, NC, Annie is represented by Modern Wave Gallery, and is a part of Foundation Studios in the River Arts District. Her triple-bottom-line company Spectrum Geometry employs emerging local artists producing ethical eco-art apparel, and provides business support to each artist. She is a founding member of Medicine Heart Murals, a collective working to highlight environmental urgency through large-

scale public art. Annie is a resident muralist and live artist at several US art festivals, and a contributing artist for multiple community-action non-profits.


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