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rEk - Philadelphia, USA

I paint to raise the awareness for the need of humanity to put forth 100 percent effort into caring for our Earth. Legalizing Hemp & Marijuana & using it for everything it can be used for is what is being called of us as a human society here on Earth.


We are all watching & living in a society that needs to find balance. I believe in my Hemp & Eco Earth Friendly Message. My message is to protect our Earth. Much of the global teaching in this time period for humanity is about changing the way that we realize & understand pretty much everything.


We will create Peace by Focusing on Sustaining our Earth. Legalizing Marijuana & Hemp is a cure to many things. We must incorporate Hemp into our society now. Our Earth, is a living breathing being!


I believe that most of it has to do with respect Universally towards ourselves & others. When we show respect to our Earth naturally we will show ourselves respect which goes along with the need for us to show the universe respect as a group mind.


Earth is a place that air is essential to our survival we need to work to keep it healthy & clean. Humanities relationship with our Earth has evolved to a place in understanding of more take than give & it’s creating imbalance that everyone can feel on a global level. The more people thinking about the health of our Earth the better.

We need to direct the human consciousness towards a healthy mind filled with thoughts that create solutions that will bring health & peace to ourselves with & for our Earth & the wellness of Humanity.


My goal as a Public Speaker is to help raise the awareness of everyone everywhere towards caring for our Earth in real time. Humanity will inherit a good feeling & a higher vibration within our society when the production of Organic foods & Hemp cloth using Non Toxic Eco Earth Friendly inks becomes mainstream. It’s about attitude. That’s what the universe sees & listens to. We have a chance to make everything good for our Earth & Humanity through respect. Respect creates balance.


We need to legalize Hemp & legalize Marijuana which is a gift to humanity! We need to begin working with what we have, rather than throwing it away with the rest of our disposable society we have manifested today. We need to work with everything that the universe has provided us with for our survival in fulfilling the highest vibration throughout & within our human society.

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