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Richard Rose - Guild Adviser


Richard Rose was "The Hemp Nut" of HempNut Inc., specializing in developing and marketing hempseed foods, and the founder of Rella Good Cheese Company, a soyfoods firm. Also The Hemp Corporation, Sharon's Finest, and Brightsong Foods.

HempNut Inc. was the leading hempseed foods company in North America from 1994 - 2002. Richard was the first to introduce shelled hempseed to North America, and provided the inspiration for today's hempseed food companies. He designed a new company around the vision of shelled hempseed as a replacement for soya in the food industry. That company became the prototype business model for the hempseed industry, and proved the concept. Hemp is high in Omega-3, not THC.

He has been making foods commercially since 1979. In the 1980s Richard invented over 60 products based on tofu. In 1986 the company's first product, TofuRella, was introduced, sales of which landed the firm on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in the U.S. in 1993. He assisted in establishing Standards of Identity for the soyfoods industry.

The original Hemp Nut, pioneering hemp seed foods since 1994, and soyfoods since 1980. Richard is available for consulting and speaking.

1997 Hemp Times "Bioneer Award" for Outstanding Achievement in Food 
1997 Hemp World "Hempy Award" for Food 
1998 Hemp World "Hempy Award" for Product Innovation for HempNut shelled hempseed. The last was voted on by the members of Hemp Industries Association. 

Commercial Hempseed Foods Developed and Marketed By Richard Rose
1994 Hemp Hummus
1994 HempRella cheese alternative in the US and Canada
1994 Hempeh Burgers
1996 HempNut shelled hempseed
1996 HempNut cheese alternative in the US, Canada and UK
1997 HempNut hempseed oil
1997 HempNut cookies
1997 Cannessence essential oil
1997 HempNut organic blue corn chips
1997 HempNut nut butter
1997 HempNut flour
1997 HempNut chocolate (Bite Me Bar)
1997 HempNut protein powder
1997 HempNut lip balm
1997 HempNut energy bar
1999 HempNut Hempscream
2000 "The HempNut Health and Cookbook"
2002 "The HempNut Cookbook"

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