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"Partner with what is sure to be one of the Top Cannabis themed NFT Projects of the Year"

Tedi Ganja’s Ganja Goons Gang

NFT Utility Partner Program

“We get high with a little help from our friends”


If you’ve been involved in the Cannabis space for any time at all, you will have noticed the main component that separates the Cannabis Space from any other Space on the Planet is it’s overwhelming sense of Community.


Together as a Community, we’ve laughed, cried, gotten really high and have been persecuted during the last 80+ years of Cannabis prohibition. Laying in the chaos that is our history, is one constant that was present at the genesis of our Community and remains to this day. We continue to grow together.


For the Cannabis Community to continue to survive and thrive we must reach new ears with the message our Mother Plant, Cannabis, has given us to deliver.


What is the Tedi Ganja’s Ganja Goon Gang NFT Series?


It’s where Cannabis, Crypto and Art Meet. has teamed up with popular and beloved Crypto YouTuber Tedi Ganja and Swedish Artist Roger Sonnenfeld to create an NFT Series backed with merchandise offerings called Tedi Ganja’s Ganja Goons Gang.

Tedi Ganja’s Ganja Goons Gang will be an NFT Series that parodies the 1985 sticker trading cards, the Garbage Pail Kids.

More Details on the Series:

Ganja Goon Characters will be named from Crypto slang terms like Fomo (Fear Of Missing Out) and FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) with the whole series being very bluntly Cannabis themed and represented through Fine Art. "FOMO" will be the first of ten Characters introduced in this Series.

The "FOMO" Character Release will be limited to 500 NFT's in Total. 499 of the NFT's will be different color and characteristic combinations of the Original brush and canvas Painting by Roger Sonnenfeld with one being a color correct duplicate.

All Mintings will be by Random Draw, meaning no one, not even we know in what order the "FOMO" NFT's will be distributed. Will you get the Original? We will have to wait and see! 

The "FOMO" Character NFT's in this Series will be priced at .0420 Eth. In today's market that is $75.80 USD. Cost of this NFT may vary greatly depending on the volatility of the Crypto Market and the time of Minting. 

The idea is to create a project that is fun and engaging employing dynamics from multiple social groups to create an inclusive, educational, collaborative experience promoting Cannabis and all of its uses and we would love for your business to be a part of it.

The different Developmental Stages of "FOMO", the first Character to be released from the Tedi Ganja's Ganja Goons Gang NFT Series.


How does this NFT Series plan to spread the word of Cannabis and all of it’s uses?


Through Partnering with Cannabis based businesses from around the world as NFT Utility Partners we intend to exhibit all of the uses of Cannabis. Direct connections between the NFT Holders and forward looking Cannabis based Merchants that will cover all aspects of the Cannabis Plant. 


It only makes sense to us that if you were going to introduce someone to a new idea that it should be done through someone that deals with that aspect of the Plant on a daily basis. The Merchants of the Cannabis Community.


As a NFT Utility Partner, what Utility is my Business supposed to be Providing?


As a NFT Utility Partner for this NFT Series your Business agrees to offer the minimum of a 10% discount to anyone who presents a Tedi Ganja’s Goons Gang NFT at checkout. For our Merchants with online stores, you can submit a coupon code to accompany your listing in the NFT Holders Only Directory of Utility Partners. 

Preview of the Dedicated Ganja Goons Gang Minting Page


What Does My Business Get for Participating?


Unlike most Discount / Coupon Code Service Models a Business might utilize, there is no listing or Membership Fees involved. This project is about building up the Merchants of the Cannabis Community not fleecing them.

You position your Business as a forward looking, cutting edge Business in the Cannabis Space by participating in this full blown Crypto Project!  Sure to be one of the Top Cannabis Themed NFT Projects of the year.


You expand the demographic you are reaching now to include the Crypto and Art Communities.


You get to dip your toes in the Crypto waters, (Ya know you want to. Lol) without any financial risk or exposure to the massive volatility that the Crypto Space is known for. The Developers of this project have removed that risk for you as a participating Merchant and no costs are involved to be listed. You can unlist your Business at any time. Join the Ganja Goon NFT Community as a Utility Partner in less than a minute below.

Register as a Tedi Ganja's Ganja Goons Gang NFT Utility Partner!


Thanks for registering as a Utility Partner!

Once Registered you will begin to receive periodical updates on the development of the project, sent to the email address you provided on the Registration Form.

Please feel free contact if you have any questions or concerns about participating as a Utility Partner for this Project. Thank you for your time.

Get to know the Developers of this NFT Project!

Check out Tedi Ganja's YouTube Channel.


Experience additional Art Works from Roger Sonnenfeld Here.

Check out some of the NFT Utility Partners already on board:


Hempful Farms

Atlas Health Line

420 Travel Magazine

National Industrial Hemp Coalition

Hemp Engineering Pty Ltd

Healty Leaf Organics

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