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Mike Wise - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Videography, Photography, Speaking, Cultivation

Mike Wise is a retired professional skateboarder and National Champion Athlete with The University of Texas where he graduated with a degree in Radio-Television-Film.


Mike has been a grower and a medical cannabis patient for 12 years before moving to Colorado in June of 2015.


He shot and directed: 'Illegally Alive' a film that is focused on several families who have had to relocate to different states in order to obtain access to medical cannabis for their children.


As a caregiver in Colorado, he has made cannabis oil for over 500 patients and has cured his own crohn's disease by ingesting the very same oil.


He has traveled the world in search of more information and data on the cannabis plant, most recently to Africa with Rick Simpson.


Mike is a photographer for The Cannabis Project and is an educated advocate and activist often seen at various State Capitol and City Hall buildings speaking on behalf of cannabis patients and their right to choose their medication.


He fights for the repeal of prohibition, and is most notably known for his work as an activist, filmmaker, gonzo radio and web TV show host, and medicine man.



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